The Anatomy of Wellness is a massage therapy clinic serving pain and injury clients in Salt Lake City. We look at massage as a form of physical therapy to assist your body in the healing process.

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Tackle muscle pain, stiffness and improve your body’s ability to move freely with a deep tissue massage.

Stress is the leading cause of disease. Relaxation massage relieves stress, releases endorphins and lowers blood pressure. So, what are you waiting for?

Clinical massage works with PT, chiropractic care or simply on its own as an extremely beneficial therapy.

Several factors can contribute to neck pain such as trauma or poor posture. Massage therapy can relieve pain and help with mobility.

Don’t let back pain keep you from doing the things you love. Studies show drastic improvement with lower back pain when treated with massage therapy.

Keep your muscles healthy and reduce recovery time with sports massage. Regular massages can reduce the chance for soft tissue injury.

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