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Pain and Injury

kinesio tape for knee injuryKinesio tape is a decompression tape that lifts the skin and superficial fascia from deeper layers of tissue. Pain receptors are free from pressure caused by inflammation. Because the tissue is lifted, pain signals are slowed on their way to the brain. In addition, the lymphatic system is freed up and able to efficiently drain thereby reducing swelling.



Kinesio TapingChronic pain not due to an injury can seem like a mystery. A postural imbalance may be the underlying cause. A postural imbalance (or muscle imbalance) forms when we hold our bodies in a particular pattern for extended periods of time. For example, a coder who sits at a desk for extended periods of time or a mechanic who works overhead all day. What happens is the muscles become particularly tight over time and the muscles that do the opposite motion then become weak. Sitting all day at a desk with slumped shoulders causes the pectoral muscles get very tight. Over time the muscles in the upper back become weak. This characteristically causes pain between the shoulder blades and in the neck.

Kinesio tape works 24 hours a day as long as the tape is applied. It is a neurological stimulation causing constant messages to be relayed to the brain about where your body is in space.

Kinesio Taping helps in awareness of posture, re-education of the muscles, fascial correction, and proprioceptive stabilization. Correct application of Kinesio Tape frequently on an individual with chronic pain due to poor posture could gradually improve posture. Results are best achieved when combined with a strengthening program.

Sports Performance and Recovery

ktape for athletesGet ready to improve performance and reduce recovery time! Lactic acid build-up can cause poor muscle performance, fatigue, cramping, and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Taping helps to flush out the metabolic buildup and get your muscles ready for action. Kinesio tape mimics skin in its texture and consistency and provides passive support physically and neurologically.

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Taking Treatment a Step Further

If you are looking for long-term relief from pain caused by poor posture, repeated soft tissue pain/injury, and repetitive movements such as working overhead or sitting for prolonged periods, you have come to the right place. Research shows that to make meaningful changes to the soft tissue, manual (massage) therapy must be combined with corrective exercises to strengthen muscles that are pulling on joints with too much tension as well as strengthening muscles that are under active on the opposite side of a joint.

Our signature CoreEx program was designed for this purpose. After an Exercise and Movement Assessment, our CoreEx package includes four 60-min sessions including both correctives and manual therapy. A crucial component to your improvement is the Home Exercise Program designed specifically for you based on the results of your initial assessment (sold separately).

This package is ideal for all age ranges and fitness levels. The goal is to reduce pain, help you move safer and correct muscle imbalances that lead to injury.

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