Clinical Massage Therapy, TMJD Treatment, Cupping Therapy and more in Salt Lake City.

A fully integrated approach to pain, injury, and sports performance in Salt Lake City, UT.

We combine a wide variety of therapies to help you achieve your goals. From orthopedic assessments to massage therapy to stretching and k-tape, we provide all of the tools you'll need to meet your goals effectively. We treat each patient individually and develop a treatment plan personalized to your needs.

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Integrative Massage Therapy

Integrated Massage Therapy is focused on clinical approaches and driven by a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology. All of our therapists have specialized clinical training.

functional movement screen

Corrective Exercise Programs

We utilize Functional Movement Screening to relieve pain & improve performance and posture. The results of the screen lead to a personalized corrective exercise prescription aimed at correcting movement compensations and managing pain and injury. Combining this with our other therapies results in proven results.

massage for tmjd

Massage Therapy for TMJD Pain

Massage for TMJD pain can relax the muscles contributing to jaw tension, headaches, and misalignment. After a thorough assessment, your soft tissue treatment will be gentle and effective. Multiple sessions are usually needed for the best results.

person receiving stretch therapy

Stretch Therapy

Our muscles and fascia can get tight from periods of inactivity, injury and overuse. Pain and limited mobility can interrupt daily life. Assisted stretch therapy effectively reduces muscle tone, restores range of motion and frees the body up to move efficiently. We use Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) techniques which are gentle and highly effective which allows your body to relax and recover.

picture of person receiving compresion therapy

Compression Therapy

Athletes of all backgrounds and fitness levels can benefit from compression therapy for recovery. Enhanced oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells supercharges athletic performance, minimizes recovery time and relieves pain. Super charge your recovery, reduce pain and inflammation.

picture of person receiving cupping therapy on their back

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a form of negative pressure massage. There are different forms of cupping including fire cupping where heat is used with glass cups to create the suction. Our treatments include the use of silicone cups. One placed, the cups create suction with facilitates the release of restrictions in soft tissue as well as increases circulation to the area.

picture of person with kenesio taping on shoulder

Kinesio Taping

RockTape is a therapeutic kinesiology tape that aids the normal movement of muscles and joints. It is used with chiropractic adjustments and other soft tissue treatments and is applied to provide support either structurally or functionally. All of our providers are RockTape Certified Professionals!

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It is our mission to provide treatments that are individualized based on your needs. We want our clients to feel heard and confident that they have our full attention to their care. We strive to offer a different experience at our clinic than the other choices you have for massage therapy.

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