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A comprehensive 9-week performance program to keep you at your best all winter long!

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Winter Sports Conditioning | Salt Lake City

Ski Conditioning | Snowboarding Conditioning | Cross Country Skiing Conditioning | Nordic Skiing Conditioning | Ice Climbing Condition | Snowshoeing Conditioning
Our winter sports are perfect for any winter sports enthusiasts looking to perform better and reduce the risk of injury.

This program is ideal for all age ranges and fitness levels! We meet you at your current abilities and build from there.

Our practice is exclusively focused on pain, injury, and sports performance. Our staff provides a range of therapies, including clinical massage therapy, stretch therapy, Kinesio taping, compression therapy, corrective exercise protocols, chiropractic, dry needling, and functional movement screens (FMS). We combine these modalities into a tailored program to effectively treat our clients’ pain & injury as well as increase sports performance.

The snow in Utah is second to none! Don’t miss a single day this season. Get your body ready by correcting dysfunctional movement patterns that cause pain, lead to preventable injuries, and hinder performance.

From conditioning exercises to recovery days, this package covers all your needs! This is a 9-week program customized to your body!

Week 1: Our Approach Begins with an Exercise and Movement Assessment

This is where the magic starts! Your first appointment will be spent assessing your current quality of movement.

Movement pattern dysfunctions and muscle compensations will be identified. Left unattended, these can lead to preventable injury and soft tissue pain.

Once your results are analyzed, your exercise prescription is prepared. This prescription will be completed between sessions. We adjust the program over the weeks as progress is made. Re-assessment is used to gauge progress. The FMS system is one of the tools we use during your Exercise and Movement Assessment.

Your customized program will include tuning up muscles used in your winter sport while also correcting faulty movement patterns from a foundational level.

The results of your Exercise and Movement Assessment will:

  • Gauge your mobility and stability capabilities
  • Analyze your level of motor control
  • Identify movement pattern dysfunction
  • Identify possible causes of soft tissue pain
  • Aid in designing your personal exercise prescription plan
  • Be your first appointment of this 9-week program
Exercise, movement assessment
Weeks 2 – 9: The results of your assessment will determine the customized treatment plan during the rest of your program.

Once we complete your assessment, we will have a better understanding of where you are currently at and how to best prepare you for the winter season – increasing your performance and reducing the chance of injury.

Weeks 2 – 9 consist of a weekly 90-minute session with our highly trained therapists. These 90-minute sessions may consist of the following treatments:

  • Orthopedic Massage Therapy
  • Stretch Therapy
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Compression Therapy
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Correct Exercise
  • Dry Needling
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Dry Sauna

You will also receive a personalized at-home exercise prescription that you will complete in between each 90-minute session – this is a critical aspect of your success!



Real Results: 170+ 5-Star Reviews

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Winter Sports Conditioning – 9 Week Performance Program

Ski Conditioning | Snowboarding Conditioning | Cross Country Skiing Conditioning | Nordic Skiing Conditioning | Ice Climbing Condition | Snowshoeing Conditioning


  • Your first appointment is a comprehensive Exercise and Movement Assessment
  • The results of week 1 allow us to customize the following 8 weeks of sessions (90 minutes each)
  • Each appointment will consist of both movement and bodywork
  • This is a proven method to create significant changes in soft tissue
  • We hire clinically trained therapists to work their magic with you
  • Treatments include: Orthopedic massage, stretch therapy, Kinesio taping, compression therapy, cupping, corrective exercise, dry needling, chiropractic adjustment, and dry sauna
  • **BONUS** You get unlimited free compression therapy and access to our dry sauna during your entire 9-week program
Exercise, movement assessment 3
Recovery affects performance! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…
Did you know that athletic recovery is a crucial part of activity? Recovery allows energy stores to replenish, tissue to heal, and reduces fatigue. We want you to have a killer season. That’s why we are throwing in our recovery services at no extra charge.
Our 20-minute dry sauna sessions and 30-minute compression therapy sessions are at your disposal throughout the 9 weeks. (Subject to availability, advanced booking required.)
Recovering with the dry sauna: Dry sauna use increases blood circulation enhancing nutrient and oxygen levels in the muscles. This aids in the recovery process and reduces soreness. The heat also relaxes muscles and helps the body expel toxins.
Recovering with lower-body compression boots: Compression therapy also increases circulation thus speeding recovery time. Get the spring back in your step quicker so you can get back out on the hill will less soreness and heaviness in the legs!
man receiving compression therapy
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