Brianna Clark, LMT, CWC

I have been a practicing, licensed massage therapist in Salt Lake City since 2008. Years ago I was involved in an auto accident that left me with a significant neck injury. Because I was in pain most days, I was brought to tears many times in frustration and exhaustion. The western idea of symptom management rather than treating the cause of my pain didn’t make sense to me. This experience lead me on my journey to becoming a massage therapist. I truly empathize with my clients who suffer from pain and love offering effective treatments that improve their condition.

I specialize in clinical massage and pain relief techniques. Having an in-depth knowledge of anatomy guides my client’s assessment and also their treatment plan.

As a Wellness Coach, I help people re-balance their lives by including healthy behavior changes. I work with my clients to tailor a plan that enables then to meet their individual goals.

Education: Massage degree from Myotherapy College of Utah, Orthopedic Massage Certification from The Academy of Clinical Massage, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah, Wellness Coaching Certification from Wellcoaches, Holistic Life Coaching Certification from The Spencer Institute, Rock Tape certified kinesio tape professional.

See Brianna for: treating pain conditions, sport and athletic performance, relaxation, kinesio taping, health coaching.

Brynnley Hoffman, LMT

I studied health, movement and herbal medicine at the Evergreen State College in Washington State and then moved home to Utah to pursue an education in massage therapy and quickly fell in love with clinical work to treat chronic pain. I specialize in treating soft tissue pain with myofascial release and deep tissue techniques. Living with the demand placed on our bodies is a full time job and takes a great deal of time and care to maintain good health. I’m here to make that process a little easier.

See Brynnley for: treating pain conditions, sport and athletic performance, relaxation.


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