Brianna Clark, LMT, CWC

I have been a practicing, licensed massage therapist in Salt Lake City since 2008. Years ago I was involved in an auto accident that left me with a significant neck injury. Because I was in pain most days, I was brought to tears many times in frustration and exhaustion. The western idea of symptom management rather than treating the cause of my pain didn’t make sense to me. This experience lead me on my journey to becoming a massage therapist. Therefore, I empathize with my clients who suffer from pain and love offering effective treatments that improve their condition.

I specialize in clinical massage and pain relief techniques. Having an in-depth knowledge of anatomy guides my client’s assessment and also their treatment plan.

As a Wellness Coach, I help people re-balance their lives by including healthy behavior changes. I work with my clients to tailor a plan that enables then to meet their individual goals.

Education: Massage degree from Myotherapy College of Utah, Orthopedic Massage Certification from The Academy of Clinical Massage, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah, Wellness Coaching Certification from Wellcoaches, Holistic Life Coaching Certification from The Spencer Institute, Certified kinesio tape professional

Services offered: Orthopedic/clinical massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue, kinesio taping and wellness coaching

Kyra Lavender, LMT

I am a massage therapist dedicated to delivering the highest quality experience for my clients. Being a driven practitioner, I have completely fallen in love with the art of bodywork over the last four years of my career as a massage therapist. I enjoy facilitating a session where clients can heal both mentally and physically.  Sessions are spent addressing specific areas of dysfunction in a way that is comfortable and relaxing. My massages include stretching techniques and put clients in a deep state of relaxation.

Education: Graduated with a degree in massage therapy from Eagle Gate College, Certified kinesio tape professional

Services offered: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage


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