Massage for back pain


Results are immediate with a massage for back pain. Keep in mind that consistent treatments are needed for long term results.

People seeking relief from back pain make up a larger percentage of visits to family doctors. Issues arise when a general practitioner cannot offer insight as to the cause and instead perscribe medication for the pain and offer no direction as to an actual treatment plan. It can be very frustrating. Massage therapy for back pain is highly effective in treating pain and stiffness. Schedule a session today and get relief.

What can cause back pain?


Often back pain is caused by years of practicing poor posture. When we slouch, we form muscle imbalances that engrain themselves into the body. One example of an engrained muscle imbalance is leaning forward over a desk. The muscles that are used to keep the spine straight and hold us up are overly lengthen as they struggle to keep the spine from folding forward. The abdominal muscles are then forced into a shortened position and become weak. Massage therapy for back pain is the ideal fix and long term results are achieved with a treatment plan that includes a tailored home exercise program.

picture of person touching there back where they are having back pain

Muscle strain or tightness

Muscles can become damaged from an acute injury such as a strain from a sports injury or from a chronic condition such as an overuse injury. Muscles that are injured or tight become relentlessly painful and therefore require intervention in order to heal properly. Massage therapy utilizes many manual therapy techniques to help reduce muscle highness and normalize tone, break up fascial and muscle fiber adhesions as also regulate scar tissue patterns. Try a clinical massage for back pain to target a specific injury.

Bulged disc

A herniated or bulged disk anywhere along the spine can either be asymptomatic or result in significant pain. When pain arises due to a herniated disc, massage therapy can help to relax the tension in the muscles around the injury site as they tend to get stiff in an effort to protect the area. Don’t wait to get treatment. Frequent massage treatments can help dramatically reduce pain.

Massage therapy for back pain can help:

  • reduce muscle tension
  • treat trigger points along the muscle fibers
  • bring blood flow to the area to promote healing
  • break up adhesions in the tissue
  • improve range of motion
  • reduce stress and improve mood

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