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Relaxing in our dry sauna before a massage or Assisted Stretch Therapy session will compliment your therapy by further relaxing the muscles, relaxing the nervous system and increasing circulation. You can also book the dry sauna as a stand-alone appointment. The sauna is reserved for private sessions for individuals and couples.

Various civilizations have used saunas to promote health for thousands of years. Because the temperature can reach up to 170 degrees, 20 minutes is recommended for optimal use. Make sure to drink water to stay hydrated. Towels and a robe are provided for you.

Benefits of Dry Sauna:

Increased Circulation

The high temps inside of a dry sauna increase the heart rate. This speeds the blood’s circulation through the body. This can help those with poor circulation by getting the blood out to their extremities. According to Harvard Medical School, the pulse rate can increase by 30 percent when you enter a sauna.


Heat enables the body to relax and release muscle tension. It is a beneficial thermal therapy to complement a massage treatment. Chronic muscle tension can lead to pain and also perpetuate the stress cycle. Regular sauna sessions can break that cycle.

Improved Immunity

Heating the core body temperature mimics a fever allowing the body to fight off infection and illness. Studies have shown that regular sauna sessions can reduce the number of colds a person gets and limit their duration.

Improve Headaches

“Saunas may help headache sufferers, in particular. One study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine examined the use of saunas to help relieve pain and treat the symptoms of chronic tension-type headache, frequent headaches that occur more than 15 days per month. After eight weeks of sauna exposure, participants reported a significant improvement in headache intensity.” – Mens Health

Improve Recovery Time After Workout

Sauna increase blood flow throughout the body carrying oxygen and nutrients to muscles leaving them feeling rejuvenated.

Tips or a successful and enjoyable dry sauna session:

  1. If you start feeling abdominal discomfort, lightheadedness, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, headache or muscle cramping, please exit the sauna immediately.
  2. Bring your own water bottle.
  3. Bring a change of clothes, there is no shower.
  4. Don't wear jewelry or makeup to your session.
  5. Do not use the sauna if you have heart failure, blood clots, low blood pressure, or are pregnant.

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Schedule an Integrative Therapeutic Massage Therapy session after your sauna session to experience the full benefits of decreased stress and muscle tension.

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