Nutrition Matters for Muscle Health

Many of my clients have asked me why chronic pain haunts them despite persistent attempts at treatment. Every situation is different but I ALWAYS ask them, what you are eating? INFLAMMATION that is chronic and systemic can wreak havoc on your immune system leaving the body prone to disease such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Sugar must be removed from the diet to heal chronic inflammation in the body. Nutrition and muscle health are NOT mutually exclusive concepts.

That being said, I am happy to introduce you to Tayla, a registered dietitian and fellow health and wellness proponent. Please take advantage of this introduction and her offer of a free consultation. Managing your health is best approached when you have an arsenal of health professionals on your side.

Registered Dietitian in Salt Lake City

Hello! My name is Tayla Russell and I am a Registered Dietitian. I specialize in weight loss, macro counting and meal plans. I have helped countless people lose weight and KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD! My methods include writing specific meal plans that fit you and your lifestyle. I also pair my face-to-face coaching with an online email program that helps you learn how to make simple changes to your lifestyle to see the best results.

I believe that weight loss is not a “one size fits all” approach, every person is so different! It also shouldn’t be a quick, one-time fix (because that’s when your weight will just come back on). I work with you to tailor my program to fit YOU and your nutrition goals. Below is a list of my best clients; do any of them sound like you?

– Type 1 or 2 Diabetic wanting to get off your medication and not have any more high or low blood sugars
– New mom trying to lose your “baby weight”
– Wanting to lose those last 10-20 lbs that keep coming back
– Interested in macro counting and working with a health coach face-to-face or online
– Confused about how to eat and how to exercise to burn fat FAST

My approach to nutrition is scientifically backed and better yet, it WORKS! No gimmicks, no quick fixes or fad diets. You’ll eat REAL food and get the best nutrition advice from a licensed and registered dietitian who has countless hours of clinical experience and has helped many people that are probably just like you.

nutrition and muscle health - salt lake city
I am offering FREE first time consultations to answer any of your nutrition questions and to see if my program is right for you. If it’s not then you don’t pay anything! Simply call (435) 553-5698 and ask for Tayla or email me at Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks for letting me share with you my passion and how we can change your life forever. Have a great day!

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