Sports Massage in Salt Lake City

Did you know a true Sports Massage is performed at the athlete’s event right before and/or after their activity? We cater to athletes who want to prevent injuries and those recovering from an injury.

We cater to athletes who have old injuries or who want to prevent new ones. Sports massage has many benefits from reducing recovery time to preventing sports related injury. Adding sports massage to your training is essential for your body’s performance. We offer assistance will stretching and self-care techniques as well as the option to add Kinesio Taping to your session.

We understand what is important to your training — quick recovery, injury prevention and moving without pain or limitation.

We treat specific sports injury orthopedic conditions such as tendonosis, scar tissue, ligament damage and irregularities in muscle tissue. Runners welcome! Check our what massage can do for runner specific conditions.

Just a few of the sports injuries we treat with sports massage therapy:

Knee Injuries

Massage therapy applied correctly can treat knee problems such as patellar tendonosis and tracking issues, ACL and MCL pain. Be patient, tendons and ligaments take time to repair and you may be asked to lay off offending activities until symptoms have subsided. The IT band may cause lateral knee pain and is also treatable with massage therapy.


Ankle Sprains

Lateral ankle sprains are the most common type of ankle sprains because it is easier, anatomically speaking, to roll your ankle outward than in. Swelling is common depending on severity. Massage therapy can be helpful after PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation) to reduce muscle spasm in the lower leg and help scar tissue align properly.

Tennis Elbow

Commonly known as Tennis Elbow, lateral epicondylitis can be painful and limit you from activities requiring grip strength or wrist flexion. It is an over use injury and massage therapy can help to heal the tendons involved. Many causes are misdiagnosed as inflammatory when instead it is actually tendonosis, a break down of collagen.

Hamstring Strain

The hamstrings are strong muscles but are vulnerable to strains. Once a hamstring strain has occurred, you are prone to re-injury. Massage can reduce tightness in the muscles and help functional scar tissue develop. Stretching with massage can help to reduce the chance of future injury.

What are people saying?

“Brianna is simply the best massage therapist that I know! I love to run and recently completed the St George Marathon in 3:47:23. This was my first marathon and there were many sore days and minor injuries along the way. I do not think I would have been able to have done as well as I did without Brianna’s help. She knows exactly how to work out the sore spots without completely beating you up in the process. She truly cares about her clients and enjoys helping people.”


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