Massage Therapy for Neck Pain

Neck pain can start from a major accident or something as simple as sleeping in a certain position. When pain is present everyday, it can lead to chronic conditions. If you haven’t yet tried massage therapy for neck pain, it’s time to get treatment! We specialize in massage techniques to treat different types of neck pain.

It’s our desire to get our clients to get back to the things they love so we work to maximize results in each of our sessions. We spend the proper about of time working in detail through the muscles of the neck and send you home with a treatment plan. It is common that a handful of sessions are necessary for lasting results and following the treatment plan is necessary to make progress.

neck pain treatment

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain affects your ability to function throughout your day as you normally would. There are many important and intricate anatomical structures in the neck. Injury to the area can lead to relentless pain. Consider that major arteries, nerves and lymph nodes run the span of the cervical spine as well as many ligaments, muscles, bones and intervertebral discs. Massage therapy for neck pain is a necessary therapy for the muscles in the neck..

Poor Posture

When we lean forward or slouch, we inhibit the structures in the neck from working at their full potential. Blood circulation is limited and stress is put on the bones, ligaments and spinal discs. The time we spend hunched over our devices or at a desk accumulates and the damage becomes harder and harder to reverse. Massage therapy for neck pain along with a home exercise program can correct muscle imbalances.Treatments can restore range of motion in the neck as well as reduce pain.

neck pain from poor posture

Disc Pathology

Intervertebral discs are jelly-like rings of fluid that sit between each vertebra. They are there to absorb shock as we move about. Each disc has an outer ring called the annulus. The annulus is richly innervated, therefore, when it becomes damaged pain follows. Discs can also bulge or herniate, causing pain. If they push out far enough, they can put pressure on nerve roots causing shooting nerve pain, pins an needles and weakness. Disc issues can be caused by accidents, falls and the press put on them from poor posture.

pain from bulging disc


When the neck gets jarred from a sudden impact, whether it be from being rear-ended in an accident or falling on the slopes, it causes injury to the structures within. Over stretching of the tendons, muscles and ligaments can cause a lot of pain and require intervention in order to heal correctly. Whiplash is often under treated or ignored causing pain to creep up months after the initial injury. Symptoms include neck pain, muscle tenderness, TMJ issues, headaches and dizziness. Consecutive massage treatments can make a massive impact in the recovery from a whiplash injury. Massage treatments should therefore be pursued in the weeks immediately following the incidence.

whiplash treatment

Massage therapy for neck pain can help:

  • release tight muscles
  • address trigger points along muscle fibers
  • shorten healing time
  • reduce pain
  • reduce headaches
  • increase range of motion

Schedule a session with our experienced clinical massage therapist today and get started on a treatment plan. There is hope!

See what our clients are saying:

“I’ve seen Brianna about 4 times now, and can say with confidence that she is talented and genuine massage therapist. I’ve come to her with a multitude of ailments, from work-induced upper back tension to a “crick in the neck”. I feel she takes time to find the root of the problem before treatment, and suggests helpful stretches and exercises to work on post-treatment. I would recommend her to anyone who needs deep tissue release.”


“I received whiplash injuries in a hit-from-behind car accident that left my neck and upper-back sore and stiff. Luckily, I was referred to The Anatomy of Wellness by a friend. Over several sessions Brianna was able to restore flexibility and helped me heal completely!”


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