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What is Holistic Wellness Coaching?

Holistic Wellness Coaching helps you examine your relationship with areas of health and wellness most applicable to you. The deeper nature of your well-being is taken into consideration as all levels of health such as emotional and spiritual health are assessed. A coach is your advocate, your supporter and will keep you accountable through a customized program.


What can a Holistic Wellness Coach help me accomplish?

A Holistic Wellness Coach helps you form actionable steps to make progress towards your self-chosen goals. Wellness Coaching takes into consideration the entirety of your life as a picture of your health, not just diet and exercise alone. A coach works with you to start checking things off your wellness “wish list” by breaking down overwhelming tasks into daily and weekly activities to help you make measurable progress.

Coaching will help you transform your habitual daily choices that are not moving you toward your ideal self, into time efficient and exciting new ways to succeed at self-actualization.


Why work with a Wellness Coach?

Our society’s current way of proving healthcare isn’t enough. We need to move away from the idea that disease management equates to being healthy and take responsibility for our health by implementing mindful, long-term ways of preventing disease all together.

Western medicine looks at the human body in parts instead of as a whole. We are actually a system of systems and consideration must be made into how each of them is performing.


Achieving optimal wellness – the first steps:

Two overarching elements of holistic health will be addressed along with a personalized plan tailored to your needs.

  1. Gut health
  2. Mindfulness

What in the world do these things have to do with how you feel?!

These two factors affect every decision we make, every mood that passes and the future of our physical health. Summed together, our entire life experience! Let’s first take a quick look at the importance of gut health.


What is gut health and how does affect my overall health?

Did you know that 80-90% of our immune system lives in the gut. The “gut” refers to the entire digestive system and the balance of bacteria that live within it. The collection of microbes that live in and on the human body is known as the microbiota.

What is gut bacteria?

We are made up of 10% human cells and 90% microbial cells – We are more bacteria than we are human! Surely then, it is imperative that we take an interest in what is going on with these cells living inside our bodies.

It is the microbial actions within our gut that train the immune system. The proper balance of microbes is how MANY illnesses can be prevented or reversed with the proper nutrition.

“When you look at any condition that exists now that didn’t exist (or was less common) 50 years ago, there is a good chance it is related to the actions of the gut microbiota.”

– Professor Charles Mackay, Sydney University

Did you know our gut and our brains communicate directly with one another via the vagus nerve. The phrases “gut instincts” or being “scared sick” have true biological meaning. An unhealthy gut will make itself known with things like mood swings, depression, headaches and brain fog. The quality of how we think and our mood is directly affected by the balance of our microbiome.

Hippocrates understood this 2,400 years ago! He noted “All disease starts in the gut.”

Ensuring that the gut is healthy and full of good bacterial by way of nutrition and supplementation is tackling the root cause of illness rather than managing symptoms as they arise.


Leaky Gut Syndrome

Chronic inflammation is the root of disease. Leaky gut is the root cause of chronic inflammation. The lining of the gut can be worn thin and even break when the number of bad bacteria over takes the number of good bacteria. In short, macronutrients that are not meant to escape the small intestine are released into the blood stream. Your body identifies these particles as invaders and attacks them. This causes immune cells to release inflammatory mediators to combat the perceived intruder. If gone unchecked, this inflammation can spread the entirety of the body.

Read more on Leaky Gut Syndrome.

We must be aware of the foods we eat and how the affect our immune function. Which brings me to the second overarching theme in coaching… mindfulness.

Mindfulness is at the root of every decision you make.

During your coaching program a mindfulness practice will be a core teaching. To understand that you are not your thoughts and that you have the power to change your thought patterns is truly a liberating skill to possess. And it is just that, a skill. The more you practice, the better you will get at maintaining a higher level of consciousness.

Meditation is a key component of a mindfulness practice. Meditation has been clinically studied and has been shown to lower blood pressure and stress levels. Stress can have negative affects on your state of health. Changes you can expect after some regular practice are feeling more connected to the world around you, the ability to concentrate better and help you better understand your own thought patterns and choices.

Starting a meditation practice is easy! Take a look at these simple suggestions and short guided meditation recordings to get you rolling.

Lifestyle Changes

Holistic wellness coaching focuses on sustainable lifestyle changes that improve your life experience. Coaching is not concerned with your past failures but is instead intended to meet you where you are in the present moment and prepare you to meet your own expectations. It is based on the philosophy that a holistically balanced life, you become empowered to live your life’s purpose. Coaching strives to align you with your higher self looking at mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life and works toward bringing those aspects into harmony.

What we work on is up to you and might include anything from finding more time to spend with family to getting your exercise routine on point. The possibilities are endless!

holistic life coaching

Coaching is offered on a monthly basis with one session being held each week. Please call for more information.

Brianna Clark, Certified Wellness Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist - The Anatomy of Wellness

Brianna Clark is a certified Holistic Wellness Coach in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has an extensive background in Health and Wellness as well as personal development. Her education includes a BS is Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah, Wellness Coaching Certification from Wellcoaches as well as holistic coaching training through The Spencer Institute. She works with clients both locally and nationally. Weekly coaching sessions can be held at The Anatomy of Wellness or over the phone. Call today to schedule a free consultation!

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