Best Chair Massage in Salt Lake City, UT

Corporate Chair Massage

More and more companies are experiencing the positive impact corporate chair massage has on their employees. Studies show that offering chair massages in the workplace boosts morale and productivity. A chair massage reduces stress levels and gives relief from repetitive activities such as sitting, typing or standing. Chair massages are 10 or 15 minutes and focuses on the upper body. No lotion is used and there is no need to remove any clothing.

Check this out –  recent study in American Psychologist exploring ways to energize workers gave one group of employees a 15 minute rest, and another a 15 minute massage. The group that received the massage performed significantly better on complicated tasks like math problems. Massage has proved to promote creative thinking and relieve fatigue, therefore it’s better than a cup of coffee!

American Institute of Stress reports that about 1 million workers call in sick due to feeling over stressed. In fact, reports have been released that nearly 95% of all diseases stem from an overly stressed body. Offering corporate chair massage to each employee, even just 15 minutes every two weeks gives employees something to look forward to mentally and also relieves physical signs of stress such as elevated cortisol levels.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries are the number one work place health cost in the U.S. and account for nearly one third of workers compensation claims. Carpel Tunnel is often misdiagnosed and a few sessions with a trained massage therapist can alleviate symptoms.

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Private Parties

Whether it’s a holiday party, golf tournament, bachelorette party or birthday celebration, chair massage is always a popular choice. Mobile chair massage offers the perfect touch to wine tasting parties as guests relax and unwind with a seated chair massage.

Trade Shows

Are you ready to attract attention to your booth or product at your next trade show? Chair massage is the answer! Trade show attendees have been on their feet all day carrying a heavy bag and become increasingly exhausted. The opportunity so sit down and relax is appreciated. Meanwhile, you get extra time to expose them to your product or service. It’s a win-win!

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What’s included in the rate?

All supplies are provided, all you have to do is rest easy and enjoy your event. If you have more than 12-14 people, a second massage therapist is recommended.

  • Set-up and Take-down
  • Music
  • Travel Fee
  • Licensed and Insured Massage Therapists


Companies we have worked with include:

Thumbtack     University of Utah     Zions Bank     Overstock     National AG

Outdoor Retailer’s       ExpoUtah Jazz        Chiropractor’s vendor booths

Health and Wellness Expos       StaffCare      iTransport

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